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What Our Clients Say

We deeply value the relationships we build with our clients and are honoured by the feedback they share. Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with us below.

Molly Mccann

Molly McCann

Service Provided: Brainspotting (Personal & Sport Focused)

"Working with Martin has been the difference in me living most days as an athlete in fear and living nearly everyday as an athlete  grateful and thankful to be living my dream.


It’s been something I’ve put off my whole life as I knew how much it would hurt to fix and heal the trauma in my career and personal life.


Martin has really allowed me the space and time to attack the trauma, understand why I am the way I am and also how to power through.


I was really shocked with how the therapy INSTANTLY helped me. I won’t deny I didn’t believe it would help, even in our first session it took me a minute to get into it all.  I thought it might be a load of rubbish to be honest, how I was wrong! It’s not a short process and it is a painful one. But one I wish I would have done sooner."

Ethan Nairne

Service Provided: CBT and Brainspotting (Personal & Sport Focused)

"I have been working with Martin for just over six months now and with his guidance I am beginning to see more consistent performances as well as forming my own ways of managing pressure and stress at all times. His strategies have allowed me to grow in self confidence and become the person I want to be. I can’t recommend working with Martin enough as he has changed my outlook on life and how I manage it most efficiently."

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Service Provided: Brain Spotting (Personal)

"I started seeing Martin after I heard about brainspotting as a possible treatment for PTSD and it has proved to be transformational, in processing my unwanted memories of childhood sexual abuse. 


Since starting this process I have found my fear levels and hyper vigilance decreasing and I am becoming more aware of my behaviour/coping strategies which in the past have always been based around my fear. I have also suffered verbal abuse from internal voices for many years and now that I understand why they developed and what they are trying to achieve, they have thankfully begun to lose their power. Which is a great relief. 


During the time I have been seeing Martin, I have found him to be a non judgemental, kind and compassionate man, who through his work, provides a safe and secure environment for me to continue working through my challenges."

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EMDR Therapy

"I had very little knowledge of EMDR before Martin explained how it might help. I went into it with an open mind and the results were quite unbelievable, for me it only took one session to overcome something that had been holding me back for years."

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Supervision Sessions

"Attending supervision with Martin has provided me with confidence and assurance to not only work effectively with my clients, but also to evaluate myself compassionately and critically within the client work. Building the relationship was seamless, I quickly felt safe to share my thoughts, struggles or concerns. Martin challenged me to step outside my comfort zone with his questions, while being intentional to maintain support and encouragement. Our sessions shore up my therapeutic practice, highlight my blind spots and provide space for me to fully process my thoughts and feelings."

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Brain Spotting

"I recently took the opportunity to try out my first brain spotting session, and I couldn't be more grateful for the profound impact it has had on me. From start to finish, Martinexuded professionalism, warmth, and genuine care, creating a space that felt safe and supportive for me to explore some of my deepest emotions and concerns.


During the brain spotting session, I was amazed at how Martins approach allowed me to access parts of my subconscious that I had never even recognized before. With his guidance and intuition, I was able to explore areas of my mind and body that needed healing, and the results were nothing short of transformative."

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